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North Olmsted Gymnastics

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For information regarding our Pre-Team and  Competitive Team programs,  please contact us at 440-734-8200, ext. 6. 

WELCOME to all of our new competitive Team Members! Looking forward to a successful competitive season!>


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Congratulations TO:
2016 OHSAA State Vault Runner-up - Kamryn Sharer 2016 OHSAA State Qualifiers: Kamryn Sharer, Sarah Kegg, Jenna Principi 2016 Level 4 State Bar Champion - Addison Watson 2016 Level 6 All Around State Champion - Sarah Williams 2016 Regional Qualifiers: Jenna Principi, Sarah Kegg, Eliza Steinman, Sofie Buckley, Adrianna Brunk Danielle Stewart - 2015 Level 9 State Beam Champion
Sarah Kegg & Mia Hackney - 2015 Level 8 Regional Qualifiers
Faith Ickes -2015 Level 6 State Bar Champion
Jamie Kennedy - 2015 Xcel Gold Floor Champion
Krissy Nash - 2014 Region 5  Level 9  Regionals - Vault - 4th place
Emma Yonkers 2014 - Xcel Gold State Bar Champion
Madison Purtilo, Quinn Kacirek & Krissy Nash - 2014 Level 8 & 9 Regional Qualifiers
Krissy Nash All Sun & 2013 Ohio High School State Tournament -6th place bars
Top ten award Vault & All -Around
Quinn Kacirek - Top Ten award 2013 Ohio High School State Tournament - Vault and Bars
Sarah Kegg 2013 Level 7 Floor Champion
Kelly Adler 2013 Level 7 Beam Champion
Krissy Nash 2012 Level 9 Regional Floor - 5th Place
Melissa Loy, Quinn Kacirek & Krissy Nash 2012 Level 9 Regional Qualifiers
Quinn Kacirek 2012 Ohio State High School Tournament - 3rd Beam
Quinn Kacirek 2011 Level 9 Regional Beam - 8th
Rachel Litten, Kelly Zandy & Quinn Kacirek 2011 Regional Qualifiers
Madison Purtilo 2010 Level 7 State Vault Champion - 5th AA
Tori Mohar 2010 Level 7 State Bar Champion - 3rd AA
Jessy Leusch - Level 7 State - 5th Floor
Rachel Litten, 2010 Level 9 State - 5th Floor - 6th AA
Rachel Litten, 2009 Level 8 State Champion, 1st AA, 1st Vault, 1st Bars, 2nd Floor - Regionals - 8th Place Vault (9.3) Nice Job! 
Krissy Nash 2009 Level 8 State - 3rd Place Vault


IT IS A PRIVILEGE AND AN HONOR TO BE ON THE NORTH OLMSTED GYMNASTICS TEAM, NOT A RIGHT. N.O.G. believes in a 100% commitment from all team gymnasts. The team is an exclusive group of gymnasts selected by the Head Coaches to participate in the team program. To maintain safety, a consistency in workouts is required. Even though gymnasts compete individually, they are also part of the team. The team program is not for everyone, but those who commit to it will achieve their personal best.  N.O.G. reserves the right to remove a gymnast from the team program based on continual poor attendance, attitude and work ethics.