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North Olmsted Gymnastics

Competitive Team Program

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Hot Shots & Pre-Team

This program is an introduction to team training for girls ages 4-7.  Referral is made by a current teacher and/or parent to the team coach for approval.  This is a non-competitive level with a focus on basic, technically correct skill development as well as optimal strength and flexibility.

1 1/2 to 3 hours per week

Rec Team
Level 2 & 3

This group is the entry compulsory levels to the competitive team program.

5-8 hours per week
Jr. Team
Levels 4-5

This group consists of the last levels of compulsory in preparation for the optional levels in the competitive team program. 

9-11 hours per week

Level Xcel Gold/Platnium

This is an alternative level that will incorporate the challenge of optional routines with the incentive to improve the athlete's ability.

9 to 12 hours per week

Sr. Team
Levels 6
This group consists of the introductory optional level in the competitive team program. 
12 to 15 hours per week

Sr. Team
Levels 7-10

These are advanced optional levels that have more difficulty and culminate with a state competition.  Regional competition for Level 8/9/10 qualifiers. National competition for Level 9/10 qualifiers.

12 to 15 hours per week