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North Olmsted Gymnastics

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Team Happenings

"To give yourself the best possible chance of playing to your potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. That means practice."


Homecoming Parade - August 24 @ 1pm!!!!  Show your team spirit & come support us!!

Any questions concerning workouts, fees, absences should be addressed by telephone 440-734-8200 x 6 or e-mail  Thank you.



Open Gym Schedule
At this time due to the size of our classes and team program open gym for Team members will be limited to a schedule. Times will be posted below as well as in the gym when open gym is scheduled.
upcoming Team Open Gym: Saturday December 28th 11am-1pm (registration is required)

Coaches Blog: How do Improve my vault?

We all know the basics of a good Vault: heel drive, tight body, run fast, etc. But have you have ever taken a good look at the length of the hurdle to the board?

But if you watch some other gymnasts, you'll see that most of them run right up to the edge of the board and hurdle maybe 1 or 2 feet away from it, which effectively sucks all the power out of their Vault. OK, so they're not elite gymnasts and there's no way they're going to hurdle from 12 feet away and make it to the board, BUT if they've got a reasonable run and a solid handspring, they should be hurdling from at least 4 feet away. And the faster the run, the longer the hurdle should be. Do you have that one athlete who has a good run and plenty of strength and skill but a mysteriously slow handspring?

Try lengthening the hurdle, I bet it'll make a difference.